Whether you are looking for new installation or need a replacement system ac wine cellar services understand the process of a installation to be highly experience with full knowledge of all facets of a properly install. We work with your builder contractor or designer to accommodate all your needs and specifications. We do new installations for split systems, ducted units and self contained cooling systems, if your wine cooling system is outdated or older them more likely is consuming more energy we can upgrade to a newer and moderm cooling system let AC wine cellar services meet your new installations needs. Call us to discuss your new project we guarantee and stand by our work.


We understand how important is to keep your wine collection cold and maintained humidity level,temperature inside your wine cellar needs to be at constant. We provided a detailed maintenance or repair to all critical components taking readings of temperature, humidity level, refrigerant charge and refrigerant leaks. Verifying communication with thermostat, checking all electrical connections, compressor readings or signs of internal waring out lubrication of fan condenser motors and fan blades, perform cleaning of coils, water pump, drain lines and evaporator drain pan is strongly recommended to have your system maintenance twice a year to ensure your wine cooling system is running efficiently and properly. We service and repair all major brands call us to make an appointment to have you cooling system back and running in no time.


We take pride in treating every customer as most important person, helping find the right cooling system for their needs. Choosing the right refrigeration system that will meet your requirements and expectations. Our goal is to provide customers with the highest quality of wine refrigeration systems, we offer top of the line cooling system for any wine cellar size, whether you are looking for a split system, ducted unit of self contained systems. Let us help you find the best system that will meet all your demands.